Family Promise is a non-profit that works with addressing family homelessness. They approached 20/20 Visual Media for a series of videos discussing what home means to their clients, volunteers, and other community members. Additionally, an overall gala video was produced for their Fall 2018 gala.

“We doubled our goal at our fall fundraiser and the sizzle reel was very effective in the room,” said Chris Kaul, Director of Communications for Family Promise. “In today’s world where more and more content is being shot on iPhones and edited in-house, a challenge I’m sure you are addressing on a daily basis—hammering home to the clients the value of using pros, even though the costs are so much higher. We couldn’t have come close to creating the video for the gala you produced but sometimes the client doesn’t realize that until they’ve tried to do the work themselves and the end product has suffered.”

Here is one of the videos created for Family Promise:


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