Director of Business Development

Ed Seiders is a driven, passionate and experienced media professional and people person. He loves finding out more about the people he meets and being able to help them with whatever challenges they face. 

Ed owned and operated Branded Productions for 14 years before joining forces with 20/20 Visual Media. Ed earned a degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, where he initially met Patrick and Rob. After graduation he continued working full-time with his own company. He is experienced in filming, editing, and producing commercial, corporate, and non-profit videos for clients and loves the stories that unfold and relationships that are created throughout the process. 

Today, Ed works closely with 20/20's clients to understand their wants and needs, discuss and collaborate on their plans and vision for their videos, and guide them through the process of taking their visions and making them a reality. 

Ed is involved in his community. Over the years, he has been involved with non-profits which provide services to those with special needs, issues with childhood bullying, and addiction awareness, to name a few. Each year, Ed and his wife run a special 3-day retreat for disadvantaged adults in the Philadelphia region. He wants to create more opportunities for disabled and able-bodied individuals to come together.  

Ed loves his "hometown" of Philadelphia and its surrounding counties, the pride of our sports fans, and the events and happenings that help make Philadelphia the city it is.  Ed is excited to continue highlighting the events and organizations in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.


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