Marketing Musings - August 28th, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the heck happened to the cheese or toppings on your pizza before it was delivered to you? Domino’s Pizza stepped up and hit the road with their newest campaign to have a company pothole truck fix up streets in cities voted by customers.


Domino’s engaged the creative team at CP+B to conduct this buzzing project titled “Paving for Pizza”. It all started with a GoPro inside a pizza box to capture the damage done while out on delivery. This helped Domino’s recognize the unfortunate connection of infrastructure and pizza industry. Partnering up with local municipalities and governments, the company went out to fix the bumpy roads with their own Domino’s equipment, truck, cones, and stamp over the pavement.

As pizza lovers, we can appreciate Domino’s dedication to deliver orders in the best possible condition, like it is fresh out of the oven. This creative angle keeps the brand top of mind with good publicity while bringing visitors on to their website to nominate the worst offending roads. The commercial displays the company’s social conscience and promise to the customer.

Domino’s is going above and beyond to ensure the only thing getting in between customer and their pizzas is extra cheese.