Celebrating 5 Years of Video Production

20/20's Staff Chooses our Five "Favorite" Videos

It’s our fifth anniversary, and though we can barely believe that we opened the doors of 20/20 Visual Media five years ago, we thought it was appropriate to count down our five favorite videos.  Now, this is a difficult task for us because Patrick and I try hard not to pick favorites.  So what we’ve done instead is choose the five videos that have given us the most unique experiences of our five-year careers.  Enjoy our trip down memory lane and feel free to take a look back at each of the pieces!

5.  The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Volunteer Leadership Summit

In year two of the company, we began working with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on its largest fundraising event of the year – the Parkway Run & Walk.  After demonstrating our storytelling ability at that event, we were asked to get to know some of CHOP’s private fundraisers more intimately.  The Volunteer Leadership Summit is made up of regular, everyday people who care about raising money for CHOP.  No singular cause was the beneficiary – instead, dozens of diseases and ailments sparked fundraising efforts.  And as we found out, there was no amount too big or too small to make a difference.

4.  One Liberty Observation Deck - Philly From the Top

Recently, we got the opportunity to work on one of our most unique projects to date – an interactive video tour of the tallest lookout point in the city – the One Liberty Observation Deck.  This video fell into our lap as one of our contacts from the Please Touch Museum moved on to a new position at “Philly From the Top”.  She brought us along and together we showcased the amazing views from Philly’s newest attraction.

3.  Temple University Athletics - History of Temple Basketball

If you’re familiar with the history of our company, you know that we got our start working with Temple University Athletics.  Among the passion projects we worked on for them was this history of Temple basketball compilation.  The basketball program was very good to us, and we worked straight through many nights to tell the story of the program with the 5th most wins in NCAA history.

2.  The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - 2015 Parkway Run

Our first true opportunity to share personal stories with our audience came at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Parkway Run & Walk in 2013.  We have produced a video at each of the last three Parkway Runs, and we’ve taken on the challenge of making each piece unique from the last.  In 2015, we traveled to the homes of two of the families walking to end pediatric cancer and spent the day with them.  This was our favorite Parkway Run video to date.

1.  Temple University Athletics - Temple Basketball: Above the Rim – Temple Tours Europe

Finally, our 10-day tour of Europe was our “favorite” video to produce.  Again, for the purpose of this blog, we’ll define favorite as most unique.  It isn’t often people have a job that allows them to travel the world.  We got the most unique of opportunities to fly to Paris with Temple’s basketball team and follow the players, coaches and staff as they played four games and toured France, Monaco, Italy, and Vatican City.  We saw some of the most historic sights in the world, all while chronicling this most special trip for those student athletes.  When we returned home, we wrote and edited a half hour special for television on Comcast SportsNet, for which we were nominated for 2 of our company’s 10 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award nominations.

We're so grateful to have been in this business for the past five years, and we are looking forward to the next five years and beyond!  Thanks to everyone - family, friends, clients and strangers alike - for coming along on this journey with us!


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